Current Booking Advice for New Clients 2020/2021

By November 13, 2020Consult Info

Dr Emma is currently taking new client bookings for January 2021. Please contact us at for more information. Currently, there are still revisit consultation times available during December.

It can be very stressful having to wait for a behavioural consult, especially as we are about to head into the holiday season where things can escalate. BBVS understands that; so here is some general advice to help until we can see you. 


  1. Where aggression is involved, immediate MANAGEMENT needs to be implemented to prevent injuries occurring. Within the home, this may mean the use of baby gates or separation of the yard into two areas, depending on your specific situation. Outside of the home it may mean not walking your dog where they will come into contact with other dogs (especially off leash) or be triggered to react. 
  2. Decompression walks are the best way forward, if this can be done safely.
  3. Understand what causes arousal in your dog. Both positive and negative events can do this. Try to mitigate them as much as practical. Please review the following blog for more information.
  4. Most anxious dogs will benefit from a change in how they are fed. NB Please avoid this type of enrichment in FOOD AGGRESSIVE/RESOURCE GUARDING dogs until you have advice from a behaviour vet or force free trainer. There are lots of references in the following blog
  5. If you are looking for a dog trainer please consider getting one that is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. AVOID TRAINERS THAT USE AVERSIVE TECHNIQUES, especially if your dog exhibits aggressive or anxious behaviour. 
  6. If you think your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety (separation related distress) and there are days/times that you will need to leave your dog alone BEFORE you can get to see us, please contact your local GP vet to discuss appropriate medication to assist whilst you wait for your BBVS consult.
  7. There is a great Facebook site called Anxious Dogs if Australia Support Group. They are very supportive because they have been where you are now.


Wishing all our BBVS clients and their families a wonderful end to the year. It’s been a tough one for all of us, especially our pets…

Best wishes;

Dr Emma 

Dr Emma Hughes BSc; BVSc; MSc (Animal Behaviour and Welfare); MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour).

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