In Merlot’s Memory

15 years ago Merlot, my beloved mixed breed 'problem child,’ joined the family.

His impact on me both as a veterinarian and dog owner stimulated my interest in veterinary behaviour. It ignited a desire to help clients with 'problem' pets where 'love was not enough'.
I wish I knew back then what I now know in terms of treating mental illness.
Fortunately for those pets suffering in today's world, the study of dog behaviour has advanced significantly; we now have a far greater ability to help patients using scientifically proven and humane treatments.

Thank you Merlot for teaching me that 'bad behaviour' does not equate to being a 'bad dog'. Nor does it equate to having a ‘bad owner’.

And thank you for showing me that by opening up the channels of communication and by understanding our pets better, we can improve not only their quality of life but ours too.