For Owners

It is not necessary to have a referral from your regular veterinarian.

However, it is important that Dr Emma is made aware of your pet’s medical history, given that health issues can exacerbate, and in some cases even cause, behaviour problems.

Therefore, prior to your initial consultation, we require a copy of your pets’ medical history be sent to BBVS, in order that it can be reviewed in conjunction with your completed behaviour questionnaire .

Please phone your regular veterinarian to arrange this as they will need your permission, as owner, to send a copy to us.

It is also strongly recommended that your pet have a blood test (CBC, biochemistry including T4) and urinalysis (USG/dipstick) prior to your initial consultation with Dr Emma.

Not only does this give us additional information as to the physical health of the patient, these tests are usually required prior to starting medication (which may be required as part of your pets’ overall treatment plan).

**If blood/urinalysis results are not available prior to the consultation and medications are prescribed, we will advise you return to your regular veterinarian for the tests, which may delay treatment**.

For Vets

When referring a patient to us, we would appreciate a copy of the patients full medical history be sent to BBVS prior to the client’s consultation.

Ideally the patient will have had a recent (within 2 months) physical examination including a basic neurological examination.

Laboratory results (CBC, biochemistry including T4, USG and dipstick) within the past 4 months are also recommended. Without this information, treatment may be delayed.

**If the animals’ temperament does not allow for examination or testing please indicate this on your referral notes**

 Please note – BBVS offers consultations and on-going support for behaviour ONLY.

Any medical issues that arise or testing that is required will be referred back to the clients’ regular veterinarian.

In addition, with the owners’ permission, Dr Emma will send a copy of her report to the referring veterinarian ensuring they are kept informed as to diagnosis and management plan including any medications prescribed.

Many thanks.