‘Just wanted to say thanks for what you’ve done for Peppa. She is very much back to her old self, albeit a little fatter, and a lot of fun for everyone’. Peppa’s owner Nov 2018


‘Trub is doing fantastic. We’ll never know if it’s the pills, being solo, or a combination of the two. But it doesn’t matter. He is a different dog now, and yet so much the same’. Troubles’s owner Oct 2018


‘Without your help I don’t think Milo would still be with us. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it’. Milo’s owner August 2018


‘Thank you Dr Emma for getting us to understand our girl better and how best to help her. We went to several trainers before we came to you and they all made the situation worse by being too rough with her. Now we understand that her behaviour comes from a place of insecurity we can approach the problem a different way’. Lucky‘s owner Jan 2018